Pivot Charter School (PCS) is a unique “blend” of both Online and School-Based educational programs.  It has been designed to include significant amounts of individualized support for the students and parents to help ensure student success. The PCS program is the perfect option for students who want to receive a quality education while working at their own pace; and be able to ask questions immediately when they don’t understand something; Furthermore, this program meets the needs of both students who want access to Advanced Placement classes to get ahead in their education or those who need to catch up in credits.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to engage and empower each student to achieve excellence as a learner and a citizen.

Vision Statement

Pivot Charter School's vision is to be a leading, innovative, high-performing school that graduates each student to be prepared for college or a career.


We are a caring entity that believes that our first responsibility is to our students and their families. In doing so, we will deliver our services with passion and respect for those we serve.

We understand that to provide a high-quality educational experience to our students, we must continue to develop “innovative” ways of thinking that will allow us to respond to the dynamic, ever-increasing demands for our blended learning schools. In carrying out our promise, Pivot will ensure that our school maintains those qualities that REACH our students by providing a school that:


R – Provide Rewarding outcomes

E – Maintain Engaging experiences

A – Consist of Active participation at all times

C – Steeped in a Challenging curriculum

H – Encompass a Holistic enriching approach

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